Let’s get ready for 2021! But first, let’s reflect.

This year has been a LOT. And this applies no matter whether you had more positive or negative experiences in 2020. Everyone has had different take-aways from this year and yet, at the same time, similar experiences that have brought us…

What has this pandemic meant for my self-development?

When the pandemic first started, I was still completing my Master’s programme and I felt a little pressured to get into some kind of workout routine or work on some creative projects mostly because I saw people being really productive. …

Do I really believe that the only love I deserve is second-hand?






I wanted to cradle their broken hearts in my lap.

Collect their tears.

Infuse them with new life

And help them heal and grow.

Little did I know that

They were seeping from…

Aleesha Suleman

Identity, personality and relationships: works-in-progress. Join me in the unearthing of myself through my writing. Karibuni!

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