I should have believed you

Aleesha Suleman
2 min readNov 27, 2020


When you told me who you were.

When you told me with a straight face how easy it was

For you to set fire to the lines that connected you

To those that had once meant everything to you.

I shuddered at the thought of ever being on the other side

Of that bridge being burned without a look backwards.

I had convinced myself that things were different between us,

That this could never happen because our connection was stronger than that.

Now that I sit here,

Reflecting on what was and what is,

I have no regrets because

I’ve loved, lost and learned.

I’ve learned that nothing is forever.

That I should love and respect myself more.

That I should learn how to preserve my energy with healthy boundaries

And how to spend quality time with myself.

I’ve learned that you should believe people when they tell you or show you who they are.

“It is what it is” is truly the motto of the year

And that doesn’t mean everything is fine and that it doesn’t hurt sometimes

Of course it does.

You’re allowed to miss the good times.

However, remember the reasons you left and how it felt after that.

We tend to romanticize the past and nostalgia clouds our vision.

Keep the good memories where they belong

And keep moving forward.

Lots of love and positive energy,




Aleesha Suleman

Identity, personality and relationships: works-in-progress. Join me in the unearthing of myself through my writing. Karibuni!