Well of Love

Aleesha Suleman
1 min readOct 15, 2019


Do I really believe that the only love I deserve is second-hand?






I wanted to cradle their broken hearts in my lap.

Collect their tears.

Infuse them with new life

And help them heal and grow.

Little did I know that

They were seeping from me




The reservoir of love I had for myself

Within me.

Love that was resting deep in my underground;

Collected over millennia

Without ever realizing it.

A well so deep and clear.

With the sweetest waters one could ever dream of.

When will I realize that I could

At any moment

Dip into those cool, clear waters for


Yet, all I seemed to have done

Is reach out to parched souls

Seeking redemption

And offering to be their oasis.

Thinking that was a good thing,

Never realizing that they would make a desert out of me.

All hope is not lost though.

Instead of nurturing the wrong people,

I just need to first nurture myself.

My advice:

Go on, dip into the waters of the well of your love.

You deserve it before anyone else.



Aleesha Suleman

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